… to yoga for 100 days!

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”
― Jordan Belfort

Today was my 100th day of yoga in 100 days! The last 40 days (since the completion of my 60-Day Challenge) were not easy for a number of reasons but I persevered and hit this amazing milestone. My schedule was busier than ever with all of my other commitments – I quite possibly have over extended myself – but I was determined to keep going and make it work and I did!

Let’s take a look at the stats of the last 40 days:

  • 10 missed days – because I was either sick, busy, or lazy (usually just busy)
  • 8 doubles – typically a 90 minute Bikram class and a 60 minute class of another type such as Pilates or Yin… but I did also do a REAL double of two 90 minute Bikram classes back to back
  • 7 Express classes – 60 minutes of Bikram
  • 4 Inferno Hot Pilates classes – a fun and upbeat cardio workout with music
  • 3 Yin Yoga classes – quite possibly the greatest yoga of all time and a new favorite of mine; it is so relaxing/calming and you feel so stretched out afterward
  • 1 Classical Pilates class – a class I am not good at
  • 1 triple – Inferno Hot Pilates in the morning, Bikram and Yin in the evening… and a sand volleyball game that night!

Just as before, there were good days and bad days BUT I have noticed that I tend to have more good days as I continue the challenge. It is exciting to see myself continue to progress so much. I still cannot believe I did a triple one day! Looking back, I still do not know how I managed to do this with the insane schedule I had and all the things I had going on but that makes me all the more proud of myself.

Our triple day!
Laos, me, Paul, and Katy attempting to spell out “Yin” – we did our best! Katy is the Yin instructor (in addition to Bikram) and not only is she fabulous, but her class is as well!

The studio has really become a second home and the other students and instructors have become family. An amazing bond forms when you find people who enjoy something just as much as you do (I am lucky to have that with my sand volleyball family too). Each teacher brings something different to the table and impacts me differently and I love them all the same for it. They have been such a big part of this yoga journey and I have loved getting to try their other classes (Classical Pilates, Inferno Hot Pilates, and Yin) and support them like they have done for me. They’ve made me laugh, cry, and push myself more than ever. I am also very lucky to have such a good yoga partner in my friend Laos. He is on day 160 and I really do not think I could have made it this far without him. He keeps me motivated with our friendly competition and is incredibly supportive. He has even reworked his own schedule on more than one occasion so we could go to class together because class is always more fun with a friend… even the 5:30am class (just kidding, I will never go to that one again!).

Physically, I continue to feel stronger and more flexible than ever before. My body has continued to change and in the right light, you can see my baby abs! My stomach has a nice layer of flab still (not mad about it) but if you touch it, there are definitely abs forming. I have never had abs in my entire life! My diet is not perfect but I am pretty sure if I could get that under control, those abs would start making their way out more. I just love sweets too much (eating Girl Scout cookies as I write this). My biceps look insane and my triceps are starting to tighten up which I thought would never happen. My legs are rock solid which is appropriate since we are constantly told in class to make our legs “concrete, lamp post.” Mission accomplished. I also think I’ve improved a lot in volleyball (mostly with stamina – I can play 2 on 2!) so the benefits carry over.

Other noteworthy accomplishments include finally finding a way to fasten my hair so that it does not come loose, fall, or annoy me during class and finding a laundry detergent that actually makes my gross yoga clothes smell decent. Little wins can be just as satisfying as the big ones!

Unfortunately, I started to have some knee pain (mostly in my left knee) but it was intermittent. It’s the 3rd part of “awkward pose” that hurts it the most but every now and then it extends to other poses. I try to take it easy when it is really bothersome but I also push myself more than I should so… it may never heal. I also hurt my neck playing volleyball (day 99) so it made today a little more difficult. I am hopeful that will work itself out too.

The class celebrating Laos’ 150-Day Challenge and my 90-Day Challenge. I brought vegan cupcakes for everyone afterward (thank you, Lauren) and they were delicious!

On completion of my 90-Day Challenge, I asked Laos to take photos of some of my poses so I could have some proof that I was capable of doing these things when I am old and gray! I did not do all of the poses but looking back, I wish I had. I will need to take another round at the 120 day mark so I can compare progress.

Half Moon Pose – I can totally go further horizontal… argh!
Backward bend – This was a big accomplishment for me! No fear!
Awkward Post – Part 1
Awkward Pose -Part 2
Awkward Pose – Part 3
Eagle – I still struggle with getting my arms low enough and aligned but it’s getting better
Standing Head to Knee – Sorry Tanja, I forgot to turn my ankle and get my toes facing my forehead!
Standing Bow – Getting better!
Balancing Stick
Triangle – Getting better!
Standing Separate Head to Knee – I can do this side all the way but I still struggle with the other side. Progress, though.
Toe Stand – Check out those biceps!
Full Locust
Floor Bow
Fixed Firm – My absolute favorite.
Half Tortoise


In celebration of my 100 days, Laos got me a personalized embroidered yoga towel, in my favorite color, to commemorate the day. He had me convinced he was getting a bouncy castle for the parking lot so I was happy to NOT have received that and instead get this very sweet gift! Thank you, Laos.


Have I humble bragged enough in this post? Possibly. But I think I have earned the right to do so!

I have come this far so I am obviously going to continue to the 120-Day Challenge. I will keep going as long as I can… I cannot imagine my days and weeks without yoga now. I hope to have some of you join me for a few classes!

Until next time,