… to yoga for 60 days!

I completed the 60-Day Challenge!

I have to admit, I was not confident that I would be able to finish the Challenge because of the holidays and the crazy schedules they create but I somehow managed to make it work! You can read about the first 30 days of the challenge, here. In the next 30 days of the challenge I had to do FOUR double days (2 classes in one day) and one too many Express classes (60 minutes instead of 90 minutes) to make it work but I did it… I completed 60 classes in 60 days!

My poses continued to improve and my body continued getting stronger.  Just as before, there were good days and bad days. My back felt better this round but still hurt occasionally  which made me so grateful for my awesome massage therapist! Even on the bad days, I found that it was never difficult to get myself to the studio which was a nice change. During the first challenge, I had to practically drag myself there kicking and screaming but this time, I willingly went each day, even in the cold/rainy weather. Going to class definitely became a part of my routine and I think I finally got used to the insane amount of laundry. Everyone just wears clothes straight from the dryer, right?

Tanja, one of the instructors, took some pictures of us on NYE (day 56). My triangle pose and rabbit were garbage that day but my floor bow was pretty good.

My sub-par triangle pose. I needed to get my hips down more! I’ll spare you the up-close, individual one she got of me here.
Rabbit pose. Note the huge gap between my forehead and knees (the gap should not be there) – my body did not want to fold up that day.
Floor bow!

Rujin, the studio owner, also asked me to write a little blurb for the studio newsletter about my challenge experience. That should be coming soon!

We took a normal group photo to celebrate my 60 Days on Ruijin’s phone but the camera was not great. The only clear one we got was on my phone and of course had to be the silly/awkward one at the top of this post (Katy, me, Paul, Laos – Katy and Paul are instructors). Does anyone look normal when 2 people pick them up like that?! Note to self: take the next picture BEFORE class!

2017-01-04 18.58.34.jpg

Laos also celebrated his 100 days (and is almost at the 120 day mark now!) during my challenge, which makes me feel inadequate but he had a nearly 60 day head start on me so I really should not compare myself. I brought him the ‘100’ balloons to celebrate! Who knows, maybe I will be able to complete 100 days too!


As you might have guessed by now… I am going to attempt the 90-Day Challenge! I really do not like admitting that I want to do it because I am afraid of failure but maybe by admitting it, I will hold myself accountable to complete it. January will be a busy month – I have started volunteering for the Ronald McDonald House inside Texas Children’s Hospital, one of my volleyball leagues starts, and I committed to going to an event at church every Sunday evening – but no excuses, right? Wish me luck!

Until next time,


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