… to the Airport!

Alright folks, here we go!

This was quite the week. I wrapped up/handed off everything at work and crossed everything off of my to-do list, slowly but surely. I also enjoyed some delicious and fun ‘bon voyage’ dinners with my family. I love spending time with my family and will definitely miss them while I am gone, especially my sweet nieces. Do not even get me started on how much I will miss Elliott.

Mom and Robert treated me to Churrascos on Tuesday night. Thank you both for a fabulous meal!


Thursday was also my last day in the office. It was so weird to have no emails and it will be even more weird to not be there every day!

Thursday night, Dad and Suzette hosted a potluck BBQ get together at their house with Jessica/Justin/the girls, Alex, Kelsey, and my grandparents. My grandparents also got me a St. Christopher (the patron saint of travel) charm!





After dinner I headed back home but not before a quick pit stop at a nearby bar to say goodbye to some friends!

That brings us to today: departure day! Amber dropped Victoria off at my apartment this morning and said final goodbyes. We then headed to my Dad’s house to drop off Elliott and be on our way. I got a little emotional leaving Elliott… no surprise there. He let me snuggle him this morning but I think he was trying to hold me hostage by sleeping on my jeans…


After a quick stop at Chick Fil A we headed to the airport where we stood in line for 55 minutes just to drop our bag off. It was a little ridiculous but I had checked in and reserved our seats yesterday so I wasn’t worried. I was more worried about not getting to the terminal in time but we made it work. Shout out to my dad for driving us and waiting in line with us.



Security was much quicker so we had plenty of time to get snacks for the plane. Victoria and I are both so excited and ready to get going! It’s raining so fingers crossed we have no delays and everything goes smoothly.


We land around 7am in London and have a full day planned before we meet up with the tour group that evening!

Thank you to our family and friends for all being so supportive and excited for us!

Bon voyage!


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